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About us

Continuous progression is our passion

As a young and visionary team, we immerse ourselves in the digital technologies and use cases that make an Audi truly special. We centre our topics to the needs of our customers with a focus on digitisation and urbanisation. Together we are continually learning new things. It also means that we’re always questioning ourselves and realign ourselves with our new understanding.

In-house Development

Coding is part of our daily business. Our software- and functional-developers apply their knowledge across the board - from coding to quality management. Networking with developer communities and exchanging ideas at global conferences is our foundation for the future. This is how we develop new expertise for Audi.

From the idea to production

We push and develop our best ideas and innovations right up until series-production. This includes establishing new methodologies and involving the necessary partners at the right time. Tight-knit cooperation with specialist departments at Audi is one of our success factors in bringing our innovations to the customer.